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We offer free and low cost etertainment and sports services and programs.  This includes our network where users can find pick up games and keep track of stats while earning rewards.  We also offer artist the ability to utilize our services for a low compensation rate if qualified, this includes studio time at studios near you, donated to our charity as a tax deduction.  We provide marketing/promotions, event booking, and full featured entertainment services(Free & low-cost Equipment Rental, Education, Funding, and Much More to get your career started in MUSIC, MOVIES, and Video-Games)…Please help support us by donating, we are building a Mobile Resource Center to help the homeless also.

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Over 100 million people are trying to make money in the entertainment industry.  The difference in who succeeds often is the access to resources and funding.  We offer marketing, sponsored fundraising, and access to valuable & priceless resources.

It makes more sense to offer key services and products to the public through charities, allowing for tax deductions to be given in partnership and exchange for opportunities and growth.  Why wait for a corporation/investor to raise funds as you make one person rich.  By using charities to provide for the public instead of corporations, people and businesses can give equipment, services and products allowing someone to use them, while they receive a tax deduction in return.  The charity also raises funds through opportunities like sponsors/advertisers.  

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From Oprah to Tyler Perry there are so many great examples of people who went from nothing to something using the sports and/or entertainment industry.

If your ready, just contact us to get started…you don’t have to have any prior experience making music or entertaining.  We will help you along the way, and everything is paid for through funding from donations/sponsorship.

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2023 Projects

We Are Developing Exciting New Projects, That You Can Invest In.  Check Them Out Below 

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Tentative Title: L.i.L(Love In Life)

Being Written By: Jonathan E. Pierson(noos)

Preview of the Synopsis:

An action movie inspired by willow which is one of my child hood favorites, that focuses on the strength of smaller people.  How they are used because no one would ever suspect they would be spies or dangerous/threatening.

It will be difficult but it can happen

Also there is a storyline where they believe that connecting them to a robotic suit is better then average person because they are naturally stronger in mental will and effort

Imagine a little person using advanced gadgets and jet propulsion in a unique complex fight scene similar to yoda in star wars: attack of the clones.

Key Value Metrics Include:

  • The Fact That Kids will love the gadgets
  • And anyone if not everyone can find a way to love the fighting scenes we have planned/scripted.
  • This should be fun for kids and add value to our brand through toys and related products
  • This will be an on-going story series which will increase in value over-time.


The Promise?

We wont be corny or stupid in our approach to honoring this under represented part of hollywood and our world…

The WeSearch

WeSearch – Our Documentary Project

What’s It About?

This Documentary Will Focus On Investigations and Explorations Into Modern Day Proof To Support The Value of the Bible….

Our First 2 Episodes Will Be:

Title: Searching for Eden

Directed By: Jonathan E. Pierson

Written/Produced By: Jonathan E. Pierson(noos)

Title:  I Want To Be Like Adam

Directed By: Jonathan E. Pierson

Written/Produced By: Jonathan E. Pierson

Music By: Noos

Noos is the stage name for our founder Jonathan Pierson….

We have seen a tremendous amount of response to his Christian remixes of popular music and his original albums.

Look out for 3 new albums in 2023, The Nope Story Album about aliens that try to infiltrate and control society, The Question and Answers album that takes trap music and blends it with activism and art with a purpose, and The Last SuperHero, a story album about the power of Christ in our modern life.

For more information about Noos or links to his music visit if you want to get some music for free you can get a download link from us just contact us here…


Title: Re-Loading

Written By: Jonathan E. Pierson(noos)

Key Outlines from the Synopsis:

  • The story follows different lives and story lines, surrounding a video-game that lets people place their minds within a virtual reality game, their different stories connect in various ways as revealed over time…this includes:
  • Groups of friends who sign up to be put into the game…
  • A group of people who wake up in the game but never asked for it…..and don’t know what’s going on….
  • A few people who have lived a long time permanently in the game 24/7….including someone who hasn’t visited the real world personally since the beta-testing invite.

Key Story Points:

The story revolves around how the technology is deemed too powerful and the federal gov wants to temporarily suspend its legality and force its use into a non-commercial/entertainment field

However the creator of the game wont allow people to leave and uses a virus/patch/update to keep them connected in retaliation….

While the users have to DEAL with the creator of the game forcing them to complete challenges and survive enemies or they are told what happens to them in the game will affect them in real life…..and they could even die if killed by something in the game….

As the government tries to respond…..Some soon believe they will have to cower to the mans demands in order to save the people connected….

The creator of the game shows his true plan, as he broadcast things live on the internet

Using it to affect the masses as the world becomes glued to the greatest show seen since Jesus was put on a cross

The government is sent the message that If the games creator is killed they still lose….

So there are many debates on what to do, and whether a few lives are worth affecting many more….

They discuss 2 routes:

  • Conquering the game somehow with a virus and full infiltration into the master compound where he is being kept safe….
  • As the games creator makes a plan to control the US government by keeping the officials in charge alive but controlled within the game system….

The people in the game must figure out a way to survive……

The series is continued as even after the creator of the game is supposedly killed; yet, his mind is kept alive within a cloud computer system, supported by those who enjoy his style/mission/plans, as it still finds ways to threaten those who successfully fought against him…as it tries to capture people who are sleep and bring them into the video-game world to be controlled like robots in real life….

This is a singular storyline that takes place in a series of movies/interactive-experiences….

Key Value Metrics:

– The related products like toys, games and interactive books, can keep the spirit/story continued with different or related characters.

Why Choose Us

Because we are a non profit we can operate at a low level of revenue while maintaining a large impact on our communities just through connections to businesses and individuals who want to support our efforts.  Because they can give studio time and equipment to us as tax deductible donation we don’t have to use money to help people start careers in the entertainment industry.

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