The 1st Online Church
founded 2007 A.D

Conversations About God

Instead of Preaching Every Weekend We Offer The Fellowship of Group Conversations On-Demand...This Includes A Key Topic And Guidance By Our Ordained Leader & Our Founder Jon Pierson...

Praise/Prayer 24/7

Just Contact Us 24/7 To Start A Praise/Prayer Session Online or OffLine

Online Networking

Meet & Fellowship With New Believers...We Have A Goal of Reaching At Least 2 Million Spiritual Focused Individuals Interested In Using Their Tithes To Directly Share The Gospel & Serve The Mission of the Church...Todays Expanding World Is Calling for Churches To Stop Spending On New Buildings....and Sermons....


We Teach The Power of Love and Listening, As We Help Connect You To Ordained and Accredited Education Options For Free or at a Low Cost. You Can Get Ordained Quickly With Our Help & You Can Start Doing-Weddings/Funerals/Start-A-Church...

people talk

Hold on don’t leave if your not interested in God/Spiritual topics, chill for a second! We’re not trying to sell you a new God as a product. Instead, here are some testimonials that will do the hard work for us.

I needed someone to talk to and there was H.i.v.e network. I used their find a church option to find a home church that i can enjoy...
melisa pamuk
product designer
I needed access to spiritual...connections and live church on sundays, but i work on sunday mornings and this allowed me access to a network and sermons live back in 2008.
marina dalmas
marketing manager
I was introduced to the Lord through their online platforms especially Jonathan's moving self exorcism lesson, I now know how to use the name of Jesus(Yeshua) in my everyday life....
Mathew Man
music producer

Even If You dont need us...Can you HElp Us

All of this is difficult to provide can you please reward us with at least a donation…if you have time to connect or mentor/advise please let us know.