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Let us help you reach your goals.  We are here for you if your starting a business or even if you just need to raise funds…

Job Concierge/staffing services + Help Starting a business, charity, or church

let us guide you in the process of finding a new job or starting your business, charity, or church. We can help you pay for filing fee's, and other business expenses you'll face in your first year. Please Contact Us to get started

Our site connects you to over 100 sponsors... offline/online fundraising...
PLUS sponsored shopping through the Sponsored life program
(get ad supported/sponsored products/services for free/low-cost)
With our site you are paid more based on your actual online/offline value!

you get a personal site on our network to connect with others(find someone with a similar passion/Koz) and raise funds using sponsors and direct donations. Use our sponsor mall program to raise funds on other networks like facebook, instagram, and twitter...We also offer unique offline fundraising opportunities, for example the members of your charity can help you raise funds by wearing sponsored clothing, or even placing sponsor messages on their property(i.e a lawn or a car)...Even the homeless can use us(sponsors/direct-donations) when someone can't give cash...We have so many programs and services to offer you, the Sponsored Life Program, allows you to get free or low cost items that use simplistic, electronic, or interactive attached/embedded advertisements to supplement the cost of the products/services(Televisions, Smart-Phones, Clothing, etc). You can even use the Sponsored Life Program to start a business(easily track your sponsored interactions using pictures)...Please contact us to get started.

United Sports & entertainment

We are able to get qualified artist everything they need to make music, films, and other entertainment. This means you can get studio time donated to you to make a demo/album because its tax deductible...Contact Us To Get Started or For More Info...

The Nation of Hello(Hi)

We have created the first online government. It is a supplemental government capable of providing support to any nation. We are able to take the tax deductible donations from our "citizens" and use them the same way a government does to create opportunity and provide high quality services like any other government can just check out some of current programs in our menu, including Lihst.com and WeDeliver.Today [Security / Transportation / Funding for Business Creation & Growth / Funding For Emergencies Like Health Care and Natural Disasters]

All of our programs are funded through donations and sponsorship. We hope that you are able to benefit from what we have to offer.

Please let us know if you are interested in partnering with us or if you have an idea for a program that your community has been in need of.


We want to help you reach your goals...

What do you need help with, from sponsor malls, to a customizable fundraising site connected to our network, we have a variety of ways to help you fundraise even if your friends/family can’t afford to donate money…


we offer programs that can help anyone...

Even if your on the streets we can put together a campaign to help you eventually help others…

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Share your page with your friends and earn revenue residually from their ad interactions when they sign up. When your ready expand for $1 to $10.00 a year to start your own public/private network for your friends or family. Keep your content private and take even more control over your value. Our unique website allows you to profit off of the growth of the site, as your friends use the site you earn a % of the revenue earned from their efforts on our site. So the more people you share your content with and the more successful you are the more you profit, not just some company.